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16 December 2010 @ 01:03 am
Fic: Sacrilege, Will/Sue, NC-17  
Title: Sacrilege
Author: ellydash 
Pairing: Will Schuester/Sue Sylvester
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Hate sex. References to pegging.
Word Count: 8,474
Spoilers: Minor ones for 2x09 (A Very Glee Christmas) and 1x21 (Funk).
Note: Thanks to revengent for suggesting I post a link here!

Summary: Will shaves his head, gets drunk with Sue on a Friday night and makes an impulsive decision. It’s what happens next, though, that he really needs to worry about. 

Featuring appearances by Will’s concerned BFF Shannon Beiste, a bottle of Johnnie Walker, fruitcake, verbal banter, Sue’s $1600 coffee maker and the Cleveland Browns (although not all at once).

I hate everything you stand for. I hate that each morning, despite what the mirror so clearly tells you before you leave the house, you decide that you look fit for public viewing. I hate your teeth.