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Welcome to sueandschue, the Livejournal community devoted to the relationship of William Schuester and Sue Sylvester from the Fox TV show Glee. Here you can discuss and share anything you like about the pairing, whether friendship or romantic, or some kind of weird twisted hate thing.

1. Everything posted must be related to Will or Sue or the actors that portray them. Also, any general news about the show is welcome as well. But let's try to stay on topic, okay? :)

2. Be respectful to everyone, and no bashing of other characters/actors of the show. Leave the name calling and harassing to Sue.

3. All fanfiction must be placed behind a cut with a summary, the rating and any possible spoilers noted.

4. Got graphics to share? Awesome! Anything picture larger than 400x400 must be placed behind a lj cut, and if posting icons, no more than three outside the cut please. Too many/too large pictures make people's flist's die.

5. ALL SPOILERS must be behind a lj cut! Anything is considered a spoiler that hasn't aired in the U.S and two days after it has aired in the U.S.

6. Please use the tags for easy browsing of posts. If you would like a tag made for something, just let a mod know in the entry and we'll happily add one.

7. If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to promote or affiliate with the comm, please ask here and a mod will get back to you asap.

If you break these rules, Sue will steal into your home in the dead of night and punch you in the face. But really, most of all just have fun!

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